Barrel Races

Are you a barrel racer? Would you like to be? Well, the Peninsula Saddle Club is here for you. As part of the Cascade West Productions organization every year barrel racers from all over the pacific northwest come together to support each other.

From the untrained it may seem simple to run around barrels, when the reality couldn’t be further that misconception. Going as fast as 35 mph, rider and horse cut around a single barrel, without knocking it over.

The horse couldn’t care less. It is the partnership built on behalf of the rider, that decides the fate of that barrel. A level of skill, and a deep relationship that produces miraculous results. An exhilaration that stays with you for life.

As testified by participants that remain at the Peninsula Saddle Club, who in addition to their personal longevity of ridership from youth to elder, mentor and encourage younger riders to promote their growth and rankings within a larger community. A community that focuses on personal development. One race at a time.

Watch for dates and flyers on this page for opportunities to throw your hat into the ring, and barrel race. Multiple times throughout the spring til the fall, the Peninsula Saddle Club hosts Barrel Races that the novice, to the pro, are welcome to join.

Members span several generations, even within single families, and greet new contestants with open arms. We are supportive, and encouraging. So, if you were thinking of taking up Barrel Racing, you’ve found the right place.

Please message us below.

We would love to race with you!

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To Participate Contact:

Diane Carter

Call: 360-244-0780

Peninsula Saddle Club
6407 Sandridge Rd
Long Beach, WA 98631

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